Schools and Colleges

St. Philip’s Centre helps young people from different backgrounds live well together.

We educate around 10,000 young people, mostly aged 16 and under, every year in schools and colleges in Leicestershire.

Our exciting, interactive work provides a space for young people and teachers to ask questions, while informing them and challenging their assumptions.

Programme for schools

Our programmes include workshops, faith assemblies and full-day roadshows as well as a suite of e-programmes which can be delivered remotely.  The reputable programmes are delivered by our world faith practitioners and provide authentic experiences of different faiths for young people.

All our programmes promote equality, respect and non-discrimination, as well as the principles of diversity, unity and freedom of religion. Our education team works with schools and colleges to tailor content that is safe, enjoyable and meets the demands of the curriculum.

“We wanted our children to have the broadest range of knowledge and understanding to enable them to become the active citizens of tomorrow. We had an enjoyable and exciting day.”


Tom Dunne, Assistant Head Teacher, Mount Grace School