Over the past 12 years, St Philip’s Centre has educated hundreds of police recruits, as well as the army, prison service, corporations and the public sector.

Our training isn’t about tolerance: it is about building understanding and making a real difference. That means finding common ground, learning about one another and creating lasting relationships that help those serving communities do their jobs.

Training for businesses and organisations

Our training is carried out by faith experts from the local community in Leicester. We cover topics such as prayer time and food and fasting, and can include visits to places of worship.

Organisations we work closely with include Leicestershire County Council, Leicestershire Police, Leicester City Council and Leicester College.

We have a national reputation as a centre of excellence, and we have helped similar bodies learn from our approach.

St Philip’s Centre can tailor training to your business or organisation’s needs. For more information and prices contact the Deputy Director.

Advice and consultancy